Rusty copper

Oh Boston! I absolutely love this building.#Architecture

Sounds about right.

Copyright filters are automatically removing copies of the Mueller Report…

#Celtics 1 more game Milwaukee

Trident booskstore…my favorite place in Boston!

The vet, Leo in a Snuggie

Going to get shots, in the pouring rain. Tough morning for Leo.

Been a rough couple days. Thank the Lord for dogs. Leo the snuggler? C1F10FE2-0FC7-4507-9E40-5647C2599477.jpg

Totally New Interesting.

I just introduce myself and why I’m trying to go indie web all the way.

It’s not that players don’t possess the ability, but what they sometimes don’t possess is the discipline, the fundamentals, the details. I need you buy in before we can sell out. Chris Johnson Pro BBall Trainer article at:

Maxing and relaxing. We crushed the dog park today…..twice.

i just upgrades to the video and audio feature, im pumped.

Moroccan Magic

The red clay is absolutely incredible, you slide, move and can play the ball with all kinds of time.

don’t know markdown. might never. but im ready for my voice to be heard and im choosing because it represents an open community and tennis, my community needs to open up.

The dark side of dog ownership. #responsibleowner

I got this KB…don’t forget to tip me in your Uber app. #frenchiesaremultitalenetedbeasts

we dog park snow or shine

Lil cold, but I love this girl

Yale Sausage anyone?

NYC Harvard Club has some crimson, and my favorite painting in the world. Bulldog sausages, courtesy of Yale and a Princeton Tiger skin on the wall. It’s inappropriate, but our Harvard roots run deep.

We don’t go out much, but when we do🕺Oh man I could look at her for hoursl

Can frenchies enter field competitions?

Let the week of my food choices letting Lexi down begin!

Hunting squirrels